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Phoenix area Friends with businesses — there is a new way to help our son heal from the effects of cerebral palsy…and get some great publicity while doing it! We are seeking business sponsors for a “Fun Run, Walk and Roll” that will be held to raise money for Andrew’s medical treatments at Hamilton High School (where Andrew’s Daddy / my husband teaches) on Sat. Dec. 5th.

The event will be open to Hamilton High School students and staff (student body of 4000 students ) AND to the community as well. Business sponsorship starts at only $100 and includes things such as advertising on the back of everyone’s t-shirts, on the event facebook page and a reserved table for advertising / selling purposes at the event.

There will be a cap on how many businesses can participate, so please contact me ASAP if interested — before we open this up to the masses. The event is on Sat. Dec. 5th. Set up will start around 9a, with 1st wave of event starting at 10:15a and event going until around 1:00 or 1:30p.

Here is more info about Andrew’s journey to wellness for anyone interested: https://prayforandrew.wordpress.com/our-story/

Hope to hear from you! Please contact me at kelwar@ymail.com if interested. Local Friends, please SHARE to help us spread the word! Thank you! <3
~ Kellie

P.S. Everyone else local — please SAVE THE DATE! We would love to have you join us at this FUN event that will include COSTUMES for all who want to dress up! More info on how to sign up SOON! Stay tuned! :)

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Hi Friends! I hope your Labor Day weekend is off to a great start!

My parents and I had a BLAST today at Golfland Sunsplash in Mesa, AZ!

Remember in July when “Mr. Tony” (the General Manager) opened the whole park AN HOUR EARLY…JUST FOR ME…because I could not be around the public for 6 weeks after my summer medical treatments…and I was going completely stir crazy inside?! Well, after our AMAZING hour with Mr. Tony (acting as our personal photographer) and team…Mr. Tony blessed us with ONE MORE extremely generous gift.

He gave us 3 “golden tickets” to come AGAIN when I could be in public and could stay ALL DAY! Between the insane temperatures, Daddy’s work schedule and Daddy being sick the last couple of weeks…we did not get to use the tickets until today.

We were there when they opened the gates today and we stayed for 6 HOURS of fun, fun, fun! We rode water slides, went in the wave pool, went in the play area, ate yummy and affordable food, played in the arcade and more. AND…I got to ride bumper boats for the first time in my life. So fun!

Sunsplash is open the rest of this weekend and next…and then they close until May of next year (Golfland is open year round though). So HURRY and get over there if you want to have all this fun too! It is REALLY, really fun! You will be glad you went!

Mr. Tony…THANK YOU for blessing me in BIG ways this summer! My parents and I very sincerely appreciate all that you have done! You’re the best!


P.S. Here is me with Mr. Tony during my trip there in July. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

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** Wellness Anniversary Post ** Please Read **

Hi Friends! Many people who are newer to my journey have been asking about the treatments that are helping me to IMPROVE in big ways. Below is a link to a blog post from our family blog that gives more info. Add to the ones mentioned in the picture…Cranial Sacral Treatments and Homeopathic Medical Care…and you will get a picture of the great lengths I go to in order to see the HUGE improvements that I have seen over the last five years of doing these treatments.

Speaking of 5 years ago…TODAY…Sept. 3rd…5 years ago…I was FINALLY diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Prior to that I was misdiagnosed or we were told “I don’t know” what is causing the issues I had/have. That is a day / appointment my Momma will NEVER forget. That doctor / that appointment changed my life for the better in HUGE ways, as my doctor, Dr. Abram Ber (a pioneer in the field, who unfortunately passed away last year) set my parents on a path of medical treatment for me that was FAR out of their comfort zone…and CHANGED MY WORLD FOR THE BETTER in truly remarkable ways!

Here is the post that tells “Our Story”:


That appointment was one month before my 4th birthday. I was 50 lbs and in diapers because my gastrointestinal system was so broken. My left arm did not move naturally when I walked / ran. My coordination was not very good. I fell down MANY times a day because I would trip over my left foot that turned in significantly…even when wearing my leg brace (that I wore all the time for 2 years at that point).   I toe walked all the time. My strength and stamina were not what they needed to be. My speech was quite hard to understand, as there were many sounds that I could not make.

After all these “alternative” treatments…here is a post that talks about what I can NOW do and some of the very significant improvements that I have made!


This journey is EXPENSIVE as NONE of these life altering treatments are covered by insurance! Yet, if we would have stayed on the “western medicine” path — the “paid for path” — I would still be in diapers (they are happy to pay for those!) — still be miserable on chemical laxatives all the time that are damaging to the body —- still be toe walking — NOT have full use of my left arm — and much more.

NOW…this boy who some professionals said may never be able to do SO MANY things…well, I am PROVING THEM ALL WRONG! I can ride a bike without training wheels, ride a scooter, climb rock walls, attend and excel in a regular classroom setting, speak in ways that people understand me (even though I am still working on a couple of sounds), have NO leg brace during the day (only stretching night braces), my arm swing naturally when I walk/run…and so much more!

Dr. Ber was the catalyst who lead us to other doctors who have been instrumental in my life and improvements! Dr. Barry Goldberg (craniopath) and Dr. David Steenblock (stem cell doctor) being 2 major players for sure!

On this anniversary of what felt like one of the HARDEST days in my parents’ lives…they now realize it was one of the BEST days in their lives…as it was the catalyst to HEALING and HUGE PROGRESS for me!

Huge THANK YOU to Dr, Ber, Dr. Goldberg and Dr. Steenblock for sure. Also a HUGE thank you to each and every one of YOU who have prayed for my healing and donated in many wonderful ways to provide these life altering treatments for me!

Please hear me LOUDLY when I say that without your help I WOULD NOT BE WHERE I AM TODAY! Truly…we can not do this without you all!

We are praising God for leading us to these amazing doctors who have changed my life…and for all the healing I have experienced. Please keep your prayers coming!

Please SHARE my journey with anyone who could be helped by this information. These treatments that are changing my world can help other people with cerebral palsy and other brain related disorders as well! Thank you!



P.S. For any person, family or business is interested in helping me to CONTINUE to improve, there is still a way to donate in a way that is TAX DEDUCTIBLE for YOU! Please go to the link below for all details. My parents currently have to pay $900 per MONTH of of pocket for my medical care on a school teacher salary…and ANYTHING helps! THANK YOU for considering it! https://prayforandrew.wordpress.com/how-to-help/

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Hi Friends! Happy Friday!

Wishing all of my fellow LEFTIE friends a belated “Happy Lefties Day!” Left Handers Day was yesterday, Aug. 13th — sorry for my tardiness.

Here is my Flashback Friday picture…in honor of “Left Handers Day” yesterday.

“Fun Fact” about ME … being a LEFTIE! I was a “rightie” VERY EARLY on…TOO early, in fact. We aren’t supposed to develop “handedness” until around the age of 2 years. When I first started in physical therapy at 4 MONTHS of age…I was strongly right handed. The reason for that is that I had torticollis of the neck fairly significantly…and I did not really see or recognize my left side.

That was at 4 MONTHS… I was not diagnosed with cerebral palsy until a month before I turned 4 YEARS old. My left side is affected by my cerebral palsy…so the “textbook” answer is that I should be right handed. However, my journey is all about breaking “textbook beliefs”…and this is no different.

Because I did not recognize my left side, my parents spent A LOT of time with me EVERY DAY doing stretching and exercise games to get me to recognize and USE my left hand and arm. This was a HUGE focus in my everyday life. So… I ended up being left handed.

One doctor (whom we only saw a couple times) said that he did not believe that I have cerebral palsy BECAUSE of the fact that I am left handed. “How could his left side be affected and he be left handed?!”… he asked my mother. She told him all about the exercises we did everyday and said, “Respectfully, I don’t actually care whether you believe he has cerebral palsy or not or what his official diagnosis is for that matter…as long as he gets the help he needs to make progress.” Her thoughts were that the doctor was being short sighted and not respecting the HUGE amount of work it took to get me to use my left arm and hand. She thinks that it makes perfect sense that I would be left handed because of it.

Anyway — “Happy Belated Lefties Day!” to all my leftie friends…however it is that you became a leftie! ;) We reportedly make up only 10% of the population. Although, I find that hard to believe since there are 2 other lefties in my family…and they are NOT my parents!

If you are a leftie…or have one in your family…let me hear about it! I bet there are more of us out there than they realize! :)

Super Andrew…the proud LEFTIE!

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Hi Friends! I have EXCITING NEWS…and EXTRA Exciting News to share!

Exciting News:
Another “Business Sponsor” has stepped up to help me continue to HEAL! Praise God! By making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation specifically for my life changing medical treatments, “Mr. Chris” at Rite-Way Thermal has become a Business Sponsor for ME! THANK YOU Rite-Way Thermal for giving back to the community in this way and investing in my future!

Phoenix area Friends… please consider Rite-Way Thermal for your thermal and acoustical insulation needs as a thank you for them helping me! Here is their website for more info:


Extra Exciting News:
The Cerebral Palsy Hope Foundation has agreed to CONTINUE to accept donations for my medical treatments ongoing! At least through the end of 2015, any person, family or business can make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation specifically for my medical treatments…and the donors get a TAX WRITE OFF for helping me! A Win-Win for sure! The money donated goes directly toward my expensive and ongoing medical treatments

Also, we will continue to post the names of the “Business Sponsors” who donate toward my medical treatments. By doing so we provide advertising for the businesses by telling everyone who is following my medical journey how the businesses are giving back to the community by helping me! If you know of a business owner who is looking to help in the community in a TAX DEDUCTIBLE way, please share my information with them.

All ways to help can be found on our family blog (including the Tax Deductible ways!). Please click on the link below for additional information.


THANK YOU AGAIN to Rite-Way Thermal for becoming a “Business Sponsor for Andrew”! We so appreciate your gift!

HUGE Thank you to our friends at the Cerebral Palsy Hope Foundation by giving people and businesses as way to help me and other children with cerebral palsy by making a Tax Deductible donation for medical treatments!


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Prayer Request:

Hi Friends. Will you please pray for me? I am not recovering from my summer medical treatments as quickly this year as I have the last 4 summers. I am REALLY TIRED and needing extra rest. I have dark circles under my eyes nearly all the time…even when I wake from a full night’s rest. This is NOT normal for me at all.

My school year started last Wednesday. I only attended partial days last week because of my level of fatigue…so that I could come home and nap. We are hoping that I can handle full days this week…but we will have to see.

We are putting off my return to gymnastics and wrestling a couple of extra weeks as well…as I am just whipped by the end of the day right now. Momma also rescheduled a couple of routine doctor appointments so that my schedule can be paired down everywhere possible.

I am not ill. I do not have a fever. We are very grateful for that for sure! I am just REALLY tired!

Momma thought that there are a few things at play here…

1) I received MANY more (adult) stem cells this summer than I have in prior years. My body could still be adjusting to the cells doing “their thing”. I have always been tired after my adult stem cell treatments…but not this tired for this long.

2) We live in Phoenix and the heat is really oppressive right now. We have had several “Excessive Heat Warning” days recently. I am in air conditioning most of the time…but any time in this heat is tiring.

3) My allergies have been acting up. Bad time in the area for environmental allergies. Even with medicines (supplements) that usually help, allergies are a problem right now.

My Momma contacted my stem cell doctor to discuss it. He said that given the huge amount of stem cells I received this summer and the fact that I am not sick, he thinks the stem cells are still grafting… which zaps my energy. He said that this could actually be a very good thing in terms of progress to come (that they are still so active nearly 7 weeks after my last treatment)…but to check back with him if this level of fatigue continues past a couple of more weeks.

Please continue to PRAY for my health and healing…especially right now. Thank you!


P.S. As for the picture…that is how I roll when I sleep! :) I like to cuddle 3 stuffed pals.  The “little couple” always gets top billing…and then I choose one more from my collection.

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Captain America came to visit me to celebrate the end of a long summer of medical treatments. We had been talking via email and video messages for months…but this was our first time meeting in person!


THANK YOU, Captain America, for making me feel so special! 


Super Andrew :)

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