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Hi Friends. This is me and my Momma while we were still on my “Big Summer Adventure” in CA (aka, my medical treatment trip). Guess what?! Today is my Momma’s birthday!

 All she ever wants for her birthday are: 1) Continued healing for my brain and body and 2) To be able to do something special for ME on my birthday 2 months from now.

 So today…I am sharing with you 3 ways that you can honor Momma’s birthday, by helping ME, for anyone interested.

1) Continue to PRAY for my healing! We believe in the power of prayer and have definitely seen it first hand in my life / our lives.

2) Anyone can make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation toward my important medical treatments – that are all out of pocket and ongoing, very expensive treatments – at any time. Please see the link here to get you to the “How To Help” of this blog. It lists 2 ways to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation that goes directly toward my medical care. Every dollar helps! Link: https://prayforandrew.wordpress.com/how-to-help/

3) My big “Double Digit” birthday is coming up in 2 months. A loved one has blessed us with a free place to stay in CA during my birthday week. I REALLY want to go to Disneyland to celebrate the big 1-0! However, with all of my medical treatments being out of pocket costs, we can’t afford things like that. If anyone has a way to get me into Disneyland while I am there, that would be an AMAZING birthday present for my Momma AND me! Any Disneyland employees reading this who has an extra day to share? :)

If anyone would like to make a donation toward this wish, you could use the crowd funding site that was set up for my medical treatments and include a note that says “Happy Birthday” so we will know that it is to go toward my Disney ticket instead of my medical treatments. That link is: https://www.youcaring.com/helpsuperandrew

 THANK YOU for your prayers and encouragement for me and our family. Since my Momma is my “voice” on here…she reads them all. Your support for me touches her heart daily and you are all so very appreciated!


Andrew (and Momma)


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Hi Friends! Big day for me over here! Today I am a healthy “Finisher” / CONQUEROR once again! Today is the end of the important 6 week period after my last adult stem cell transplant. This marks the end of the significant restrictions on my diet and my activities. It officially marks the END of my “seclusion time”! Woooo hooooo!!!!

This is the 6th year I have spent my summer doing adult stem cells and other intensive treatments. This year I did daily treatments for 4 weeks – with one of those weeks being treatments twice a day. Once I started my adult stem cell treatments, I began seclusion for 6 weeks to keep me healthy and non-injured while the stem cells grafted where they needed to be to promote further healing in my brain and body.

This time is very important, as if were to get injured or even catch a cold, the stem cells would go to repair those issues instead of what we want — which is further healing of my brain and muscles. I praise God that for the 6th year in a row, I have NOT had an illness or an injury during this crucial time!

Please KEEP PRAYING for my healing. Pray that the stem cells HEAL me where needed! Pray for my energy and stamina to return soon, as I am still very tired (that is a good sign that the stem cells are working hard).

There is an “Andrew the Brave” celebration happening tonight at my house to celebrate the END of my restrictions and how VERY HARD I worked this summer at all of my treatments! And…CAKE is on the menu! :)

To all of you who donated to make this summer of treatments possible for me…including all of our wonderful Business Sponsors…THANK YOU for investing in me … investing in my healing … investing in my future! NONE of this would be possible without your financial support! We are eternally grateful!

 Thanks for your prayers and encouragement, Everyone!


Super Andrew … the FINISHER! :)


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Hi Friends! Well…that’s a WRAP on my summer treatments! Can I get a “Woo Hoo”?! ;)

I am still technically in seclusion for 1 more week, as the 6 weeks post stem cell date is one week from today. That said, I am going to start school with my class on Wednesday, which will be my first day of 4th grade.

While spending 4 weeks of the summer doing daily intensive medical treatments — and spending 6 weeks sequestered from the public — is NOT the most fun way for a little boy to spend his days…it has been so IMPORTANT in my quest for further healing in my brain and body from the effects of cerebral palsy.

THANK YOU to all of you who have prayed for, encouraged and supported me in different ways this summer. It has been a long and hard summer…but a successful one over all. Without the support and prayers of so many, I would not have been able to get through this all. We appreciate you!

A special THANK YOU to all of the people and businesses who donated the money for me to get these important treatments in CA and AZ this summer! We thank God for your role of being “angels on earth” to further my healing! We are deeply grateful for your investment in my life! (I am attaching the business sponsor picture below for all to see who my “hero squad” is once again!)

I am linking some info below regarding the medical treatments that I received this year. These same treatments can help others with cerebral palsy and many other brain related disorders. Please share this info with anyone who could be helped by it. This is my 6th summer in a row of doing most of these treatments…and I have VASTLY IMPROVED because of the treatments!

Here is our family blog where you can read much more info about my journey to wellness: https://prayforandrew.wordpress.com/our-story/

Here are links to read more about the treatments I received this summer:

Adult Stem Cell Treatments: http://personalized-regenerative-medicine.com/stem-cells-and-cerebral-palsy/

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: http://personalized-regenerative-medicine.com/treatments/hbot/

~ Periodic Acclerated Therapy: http://personalized-regenerative-medicine.com/periodic-acceleration/

Anat Baniel Method / NeuroMovement: http://www.anatbanielmethod.com/children/children-with-special-needs

Please continue to pray for my health and healing! Please read through the important Business Sponsor information below. Please REMEMBER these businesses when what they offer fit your needs as a thank you for all they have done for me! Thank you!

Love, Super Andrew

1 1 1 1 11 Andrew 2016 Business Sponsors

The Business Sponsors for Andrew’s Healing are:

~ Precision Air and Heating ~ For all of your Air Conditioning & Heating needs: http://stage.precisionairandheating.com/

~ Anantuni Family Dental ~ For all of your family dental needs: http://mydentistchandler.com/

~ Arizona Painting Company ~ For all of your residential and commercial painting needs in the Phoenix and Tucson areas: http://arizonapaintingcompany.com/

~ Fractured Prune AZ ~ For the BEST doughnuts ever for your personal or catering needs with locations throughout AZ: http://fracturedprune.com/location/chandler-az/

~ Paul A Flores Farmers Insurance Agent ~ For all your personal and family insurance needs: https://www.farmersagent.com/pflores/

~ McCurdy Construction LLC ~ For all your construction and remodeling needs: http://mccurdyremodel.com/

~ Athletes In Training ~ Wonderful recreational sports programs for children: https://athletesintraining.com

~ Phoenix Marketing Associates ~ For all your Marketing and Public Relations Needs: http://www.phoenixmarketingassociates.com/

~ Plexus with Lori Britt ~ Health and wellness products for a better life: http://shopmyplexus.com/LSBritt/

~ Vertuccio Farms ~ Family fun on the farm! Birthday parties, field trips, U pick events and special events. Fun for the whole family! http://vertucciofarms.com/

~ Canfield Engineering & Integration, LLC ~ Electrical engineering and integration based solutions team

~ Insight Eyecare & Eyewear ~ For all your eyecare and eyewear needs

Thank you to ALL of these amazing Business Sponsors! We are deeply grateful for your investment in Andrew’s further healing! When you see Andrew continuing to improve, please know that YOU had a vital role in that!   

With Much Gratitude,

 the Burkhart Family


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Hi friends! This very special memory popped up in our “Memories” on Facebook today from 5 years ago today. This is a picture of a VERY IMPORTANT milestone in my life. This cake — this party — was to celebrate me finally being potty trained.


You see, I was going on five years old here (four and three quarters). This was just a few weeks after my first adult stem cell treatment. Before my first stem cell treatment, my gastrointestinal (GI) system was very broken. I had not had normal functioning…and therefore it was impossible to potty train me. I was 50 lbs, nearly 5 years old and still needing to wear diapers.


My body just didn’t do what it was supposed to. It was a pretty miserable part of my life at that time. You see, cerebral palsy is a brain disorder that affects the muscles. Proper muscle functioning is needed for proper functioning of your GI system.


My parents’ biggest prayer going into my first adult stem cell treatment was that my GI system would be fixed. Their prayers were answered! Praise God! Within a week of my first stem cell treatment…I was having normal GI functioning for the first time in my life! I was successfully potty trained within a month. This day…this party…was my celebration of that! This cake means more to my parents’ than any other…ever!


Now…I have just finished my 6th summer of adult stem cell treatments. ALL gains that I have had…I have kept! We have gone so many times because the closer to the injury date (birth, in my case), the better the chance of healing and progress.


You can read more about my journey and other significant gains from these adult stem cell and other “alternative” treatments here if interested: https://prayforandrew.wordpress.com/our-story/


None of these improvements would have happened if it weren’t for the Lord using so many of you in my life. Without your prayers and support, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today. THANK YOU to all of you who donate toward my treatments and pray for my healing! These celebrations would not happen without your investment in my life! We are extremely grateful!



Andrew and family




Peek-a-boo! I see you out there praying for me and cheering me on! Thank you!

I have excellent news to share with you…

I AM FINISHED with my intensive medical treatments in CA! After three weeks of daily treatments, I am finally DONE!

Can I get a WOO HOO ?!

I did AWESOME in my last trip in the Spaceship Chair today too! I am going to miss my friends at the clinic, but I am SO HAPPY to be DONE!

I will be relaxing in CA for a couple more days (because I can’t go in an airplane for a couple of days after going in the Spaceship Chair/ hyperbaric oxygen chamber) and then we finally get to go back home! I can’t wait to see my Daddy and my dog!

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement during these difficult days! It means more to us than you know! ❤️

Super Andrew

Andrew dr steenblock frame

Hi Friends! Today is my last day of adult stem cell treatments for this summer to further heal my brain and body from the effects of cerebral palsy. It will also be the hardest day for me, as I will get stem cells both intra-nasally (through my nose) and via a subcutaneous shot in my belly. My parents are bummed that it is the last day of stem cells (as the more cells, the better the chance of further healing), but I don’t really understand that…so I am just glad that this part of my treatment is over.

Next week, God willing, I am back in the spaceship chair (hyperbaric oxygen chamber) every day. I am glad to have the weekend off from treatment to just have fun and relax with my parents.

This picture is of me and my adult stem cell doctor, Dr. Steenblock (Dr. Steenblock- Regenerative Medicine). This man has changed my life for the better in HUGE ways! When I met him, I was 4 1/2 years old. I was 50 pounds and still in diapers because of my broken GI system. I wore leg braces on both legs. My left arm (affected side) was held close to my body and did not move naturally when I walked. My speech was very hard for anyone other than my parents to understand.

Now…five years later…that has all changed. My GI system was FIXED very soon after the first adult stem cell treatment! I was out of diapers and having normal functioning for the first time in my life within a month! What a huge answered prayer! The 2nd year my left arm started moving naturally while I was in motion very soon after my treatment. Years 3, 4 and 5 of treatments brought about improvements in strength, coordination, speech and some additional positive physical changes. I no longer need to wear leg braces during the day (only stretching braces at night). Everyone can understand me when I talk now (even though there are still a couple of sounds that I can not make).

Many mainstream medical doctors told my parents that they needed to accept my situation and that there was nothing that could be done to actually bring healing to my brain. We are so grateful to have found Dr. Steenblock — who proved the nay sayers wrong!

We are praying for even more big HEALING this 6th summer of my adult stem cell and hyperbaric oxygen treatments. We thank God for all these improvements! We are extremely grateful for Dr. Steenblock’s very significant role in my healing as well!

Please continue to pray for me and my continued healing. Please pray for Dr. Steenblock as well. He is working so hard to help so many people … so many people that most doctors have given up on…just like me. Please pray for his strength and health…and that his significant impact in the medical community can continue in many ways.

Thank you!



P.S. Anyone wanting additional info about my journey to wellness can go to: https://prayforandrew.wordpress.com/our-story/



Andrew stem cell day 1

Day One of adult stem cell treatments was rougher than anticipated. Today was supposed to be “a simple subcutaneous injection in the belly.” While needles are always scary, Andrew has had this done before with little issue. Not fun…but much less traumatic for him than doing it via IV in the hand.

Today was different than other times in that our nurse (whom we love) used a “cold spray” to numb the area so that Andrew would not feel the shot. This technique has worked well for many other children without issues. However, Andrew’s body decided to remind us how extra-ordinarily sensitive it is to many substances that most people’s bodies do not react to. Because the spray caused a reaction — it made it more difficult to inject the cells — and it really hurt. Lots of tears and Andrew’s skin showed a reaction. Tonight there is still a bump surrounding the injection area. I feel so bad for him.

In the past, Andrew has had the cells administered via IV (traumatic experience he never wants to repeat if at all possible) and via subcutaneous shot in the belly. The plan this trip was to administer the cells in 2 different ways. Reportedly, the more ways you get the cells in, the better it can be for positive outcomes. The doctor recommended adding intra-nasal administration this time. The idea behind it is that through the nose goes more directly toward the brain. So our plan is to do a combination of subcu shots and intra-nasal injections.

We did a “dry run” of the intra-nasal injection last week with saline to see if Andrew could tolerate the process. It is a bit uncomfortable, but he did well. After today, he is begging that he do only intra-nasal the rest of the trip. Who could blame him!

PLEASE KEEP PRAYING for guidance in all ways on how to best assist Andrew — for Andrew’s safety in every way — and that every procedure be carried out in a way that is as easy and pain-free as possible for Andrew. Also, the significant dietary restrictions and restrictions to keep away from the public started today as well. It is going to be a rough several weeks.

Please keep praying for us — Andrew’s parents — as well. It is really difficult to watch your child suffer and not be able to make it better. These times also bring up emotions that I can not dwell in or it will consume me (extreme anger at the negligent medical “professionals” who put my child in this situation for life).

We appreciate your time in prayer for our son and family very much! Thank you!

~ Kellie



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