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Requests as we prepare for Andrew’s medical treatment trip. We will be taking Andrew from AZ to CA for his 6th summer of adult stem cells (NOT fetal) and hyperbaric oxygen treatments to help further heal his brain and body from the effects of cerebral palsy. These treatments have VASTLY IMPROVED his life. You can read more at the link below if interested:https://prayforandrew.wordpress.com/our-story/

We need help in the following ways:

~ Prayer: Please PRAY for Andrew’s continued healing. We would love to NOT need to go on these treatment trips in the first place.  Please pray that we are able to raise the large amount of money needed.



~ Money / Fundraising Help: At this point we still have to raise just over $15,000 for Andrew to get these life changing treatments. Typically, I (Andrew’s Mother) am the sole fundraising “team”. I could really use some help with ideas and assistance with fundraisers for Andrew. Please advise if you can help in any way!

A wonderful foundation called the Cerebral Palsy Hope Foundation is accepting donations for Andrew’s medical treatments. That makes all donations made through the site specifically for Andrew TAX DEDUCTIBLE for the donors. We would love your help in spreading the word about this to any person, family, business or charity who might be interested in helping to make a REAL DIFFERENCE in the life of a child in a TAX DEDUCTIBLE way! Please click on the link below for all info: 

~ FUN – before all the “doctor stuff” starts for 3 weeks and before he has to be sequestered from the public for 6 weeks after his treatments, Andrew would LOVE to go to Disney California Adventure and/or Disneyland for a day or two of “just fun stuff”.  If there is anyone who has connections who may be able and willing to get us in, please advise.


THANK YOU for being here to pray, encourage and support our brave boy in many wonderful ways!

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~ Kellie

A Andrew A inspiration

 This post from a year ago popped up in my Facebook “Memories” today. Fitting…as it has been happening a lot lately as well. Same holds true today and every day! We will never just “let him be”. Thank you to those of you who choose to encourage and lift up! ~ Kellie

A letter to Andrew…and for anyone who might be curious…

Dear Andrew… (for you to read at a later time)…

I was reminded yesterday about things that some people say about me behind my back… about how hard your Daddy and I fight for you to have a better quality of life. It brought back memories of some of the very ugly things people have said to me directly about our choices to help you. Sadly…some people choose to exude ugliness when they don’t understand something. Your Daddy and I are working hard to make sure that YOU do NOT become one of those people.

These people want to know why we just don’t ” let you be”…and not do all the “doctor stuff” we do for you. The answer to that is simple … and here it is..

Because God gave YOU to US … and we take that gift and responsibility very seriously.

Before you were born — before WE were born — God made your Daddy and I to be very determined people.

Your Daddy works SO HARD at everything he does in life! He has a warrior spirit — he is an athlete — a teacher in all that he does — a man of great virtue — and great heart — someone who inspires others. He NEVER shirks from any responsibility or his calling in life!

God made me (your Momma) to have great empathy for others — to FIGHT for those who need help fighting for themselves — to ask questions and not give up until there are answers. He gave me a “Mother’s heart” long before you and your sister in Heaven made me a “Mother”. Momma’s PROTECT their young…ALWAYS! No matter who questions that or tries to block those efforts.

And…with all that He instilled in us… he gave YOU to US!

If we would have listened to the medical professionals we met early in your life — or the many naysayers along the way — and just “let you be” — you very likely would would be in a wheelchair and not walking. You very likely would not be talking in a typical way. You definitely would be in diapers and not potty trained. You would not be independent in school and in every venue you attend.

You very likely would have a less fulfilling future than you have now with the HUGE progress you have made in the 4 short years since we started doing all this extra “doctor stuff” that has changed your world for the better in such significant ways.

God gave YOU, sweet warrior boy, the very best qualities that he gave to your parents…and many more. You have a tender heart for others. You fulfill your responsibilities to yourself and others every day. Even though your schedule is grueling and full of nearly daily appointments and full time school — and even though you don’t like having to take all the medicines you have to each day — you “warrior on” — every day. You stick up for others and are a friend to all who need one. You EXUDE JOY and spread laughter in the midst of and in spite of it all…EVERY DAY! You are curious about everything in life…and you want answers! And so much more…

We are so very blessed to be your parents, Andrew. We don’t just “let you be” because we love you deeply and we are fulfilling our greatest calling and responsibility in this life … and that is being the BEST parents that we can be to mold and encourage the most amazing person we are blessed to know and influence … YOU!
Here is a quote that comes to mind when I think of this…

“Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of. It’s yours.”

And here is a scripture verse I want you to always remember…

“…but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Isiah 40:31 NIV

Keep your hope in the LORD, Andrew. Keep your eyes and HEART on Jesus! He is in EVERY STEP of this journey and His fingerprints are all over your life…and will continue to be!

As for your Daddy and I … we will never “let you be”, Andrew!
That is a PROMISE!


A Andrew A Fun Run Collage

I did it!

I completed my FIRST EVER Fun Run withOUT stopping! All 1,576 steps of it…but who’s counting! ;)

Spartan Race​ …HERE I COME! Aroo!

Cerebral palsy…I AM WINNING this fight! I am DEFEATING you!

Thank you, Daddy, for all of your time in preparing me for this! I am SO PROUD of myself today! I wish you didn’t have to work so that you could have been there running with me today…but you will be at the Spartan Race!

Andrew… Super Spartan in training!

P.S. See my left arm moving naturally when I run in this picture?! Well…it did not used to do that before my adult stem cell treatments! They are truly changing my life! THANK YOU to everyone who has donated in the past and so that I can get these treatments once again this summer! 

A Andrew A Hike Collage

New adventures … 

“Momma! I am calling you from INSIDE A CAVE…on top of a MOUNTAIN!”

” I have two new hobbies now! I like hiking and spelunking! “

I hiked 5 miles that day!

Hey cerebral palsy…eat that dust! 

Andrew…the hiker AND spelunker! 

A Andrew A Car Show Thank you

HUGE THANK YOU to ALL of you who helped me by purchasing tickets and making donations during the Ipad Mini Raffle fundraiser to raise money for my medical treatments! I so wish I had a prize to give to you ALL, but please know that your ticket sales are going to help me HEAL, even if you did not win the prize.
All money raised from this fundraiser and every other one between now and my medical treatment trip to CA in June (My “Big Summer Adventure #6”) will go toward the $19,000 my parents need to raise for my medical treatment trip this year. YOU helped by buying tickets! THANK YOU very much! 
I went to the car show and reached my hand up high and pulled a ticket from the container that was raised up above my head so that I could not see the names and the ticket I picked said … “Anantuni Family” on it! Congratulations, wonderful Anantuni family! While it definitely does not always work out this way as it only takes ONE ticket to win…the Anantuni Family also bought the MOST tickets for this raffle.
A little side note about this special family — Anantuni Family Dental was also a business sponsor for my “Comithon” Fun Run fundraiser last month. And Dr. Anantuni bought me the Pokeball Belt for Christmas that I love so much. Very special people!
HUGE THANK YOU to all the wonderful folks at McDonalds on Indian Bend and the 101, who run the Rock and Roll Car and Bike Show at McDonald’s in Scottsdale! If it weren’t for them giving my Momma permission to set up a raffle and donation table there, NONE of this would have happened. We are so grateful! And…they said that Momma could come do another raffle in April…so if you missed your chance this time or would like another chance at a great prize that helps me heal as well…Stay Tuned! You will be hearing a lot about it in April! ;)
I also owe a very special thank you to my Grampie (Momma’s Daddy) who goes to great lengths to make this work for me at the car show. He got to the car show VERY early (before 4a.m.!) all month to put his car in a good spot where Momma would be likely to get more business and he gives up a good amount of his car spot for Momma’s table to go in front of his car. Thank you, Grampie! We love you very much! <3 I also want to say thank you to the many of Grampie’s car show friends who bought tickets and made donations for my medical treatments. We appreciate you!
This raffle raised just over $3000 for my medical treatments! Wow! That is a record for sure! Only $16,000 to go for my summer treatments! We are off to a great start! If anyone would be willing to help my Momma with fundraising for the rest of that money needed, please message her via facebook or email her at kelwar@ymail.com She would SO appreciate your help! Thank you!
Just a reminder that a wonderful local charity called the Cerebral Palsy Hope Foundation is generously accepting donations specifically for my medical treatments. By them doing this, ALL donations are made TAX DEDUCTIBLE for the donors! Please keep me in mind if you know of any person, family, business or charity looking to make a REAL DIFFERENCE in the life of a child in a TAX DEDUCTIBLE way. Thank you!
Please click this link for all ways to help me heal, including the TAX DEDUCTIBLE way: 
 THANK YOU for your prayers, encouragement and support for me and my family during my journey to wellness. My life is VASTLY BETTER because of all of these treatments and since none of them are covered by the insurance industry and they are very expensive, I am ONLY so much better because of all of YOU who help me! Thank you!
Now…I am off to train for the Spartan Race! Gotta go continue to show cerebral palsy that it can EAT MY DUST! ;)
Andrew … the very blessed boy (thank you!)

A Andrew A MothersGrace Thank you

A Mother’s Grace (and inspiration!) ~ and God’s Plan ~ came together to bless our family in a BIG way this week. We are deeply grateful!

We have had a slew of expensive things break down and need repair in the last few months. Some of those things are yet to be handled, due to the cost. When you live on such a tight budget like we do due to our son’s expensive and ongoing medical needs, there is not much “extra” money to handle things. When they are BIG things in close succession, it is overwhelming financially.

One of things still outstanding was work done on our car. We have done the “band aid” things as necessity along the way, but there were many other things needing attention that we could not do because of the cost.

We are blessed to have 2 vehicles, but our son can only go in one. Our 2nd vehicle is my husband’s tiny pickup truck, a treasured gift from his mother when his father passed away (It was his Dad’s truck). It is the smallest kind – 1 bench seat – and not safe for a small child to be in. Therefore, for all of Andrew’s life, whomever has Andrew with them, has the car.

Our car is a lifeline. It takes our most precious gift (our son) to all of his doctor and physical improvement appointments…and everywhere he needs to go. We take it to CA each summer for Andrew’s medical treatment trip. We would be lost without it. It is 6 years old and is at the mileage where it requires a lot of attention.

Enter Mothers Grace​… an amazing charity founded by an incredibly inspirational woman…and run by her and many SHEroes like her. :) Their organization supports Mothers in a critical time of need. Our situation is not the “typical” situation they assist with. Most are helped during a more serious or tragic time. Yet, since our need is ongoing and unique in some sense due to our son’s medical needs, they considered our request. A dear friend was kind enough to apply for me, as I wasn’t able to apply for myself.

We listed out the many needs and they said they would help to get our car in full working and safe order. I don’t know the grand total of what they did, but I know that it certainly would have cost our family over $1500 to do it on our own. They helped our car with new: 2 tires; front brakes; spark plugs; timing and drive belts; coolant flush; oil change; cabin air filter; gear shift — and we were given a free loaner car for a day while all the work was done. In the end, our bill was $0 !

You should have seen me in the “dude zone” of the Hyundai service department (unsuccessfully) trying hard to hold in the tears of gratitude! :) Our car is ready for all that we need to do for quite awhile! Praise God!

One of the inspirational women who is connected to Mother’s Grace is an Earnhardt family member. Our car was purchased from and is serviced by Earnhardt’s Santan Hyundai. When she found out about our situation from the Mother’s Grace team member who was coordinating our assistance, she offered for Earnhardt’s to pay for our car repairs! Wow! Talk about giving back to the community!

Since there are so many different things that need attention with our home, car etc, my request in this was that they help with a mortgage payment (under $1000) to free up money to go toward another issue. What they did though was so much bigger and better than that! God’s plans always are just that…bigger and better than ours!

Michelle, Jodi, Rachel and Everyone connected to Mother’s Grace, along with the Earnhardt Family ~ Please know that by supporting THIS mother…you have helped our entire family in big ways! We will never forget this GRACE — this gift — of God’s love and provision that you have provided to us. See that “precious cargo” holding the thank you sign here? His life is better because you helped his Momma and we are all profoundly grateful!

With Much Gratitude ~
the Burkhart Family

P.S. If YOU would like to help Mother’s Grace continue to help other mothers in a critical time of need, please go to their website linked here to read more about the inspirational work they do and consider making a tax deductible donation to help them, help Mothers. Thank you! https://mothers-grace.org/

A andrew awrestlercrop

Hi Friends! Here is a RARE glimpse of me at WRESTLING CLASS… aka “the Dude ONLY Zone”!

“Volunteer Assistant Wrestling Coach Daddy” had to work SUPER late tonight due to a special event at the main school where he teaches. That meant that I either had to miss wrestling class…or Momma had to take me. She jumped at the chance to take me because she has not been able to see me at wrestling since MAY of last year!

I was so excited for Momma to come! This is only the 3rd time she has ever been allowed into “the Dude ONLY Zone”. She was so proud of how hard I worked and how much I have matured since the last time she watched me wrestle. I told her before we left, “Momma, I am going to make you so proud of me tonight!” … and I did!

Hope you did something you are proud of today too!

Andrew…the wrestler :)

P.S. Cerebral palsy…eat my dust!


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