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Hi Friends. It has been quite a week over here. Blessings mixed in with trials. We had a family crisis that took much of Momma’s time and energy this week, so that is why we haven’t posted. I am fine…my family is fine…but your prayers for my extended family as well are greatly appreciated!
We leave very soon for my “Big Summer Adventure #6” — aka, my medical treatment trip for the 6th summer in a row. I have just a few more days left of 3rd grade and then we will be on our way. Everything is in place for the trip details — including a wonderful family to move into our home and take care of our dog and home while we are away — but there is SO MUCH to do before we leave. Things will be a bit quiet on this end because of it.
It won’t be long before my parents are doing what you see Daddy doing here from a different year’s treatments — praying at my bedside for my safety during the procedures and for HEALING! We would love your prayers for me in that as well. Thanks in advance for your time in prayer for me and my family! 
P.S. For anyone new to my journey, you can read on the link below more about the treatments that I will be getting this summer to help me to further heal from the effects of cerebral palsy. We are traveling to CA for me to get adult (NOT fetal) stem cell treatments and hyperbaric oxygen treatments. When we return to AZ, I will be getting an intensive of Anat Baniel Method neuro-movement treatments. More info can be found here: https://prayforandrew.wordpress.com/our-story/

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Much like you would sponsor a local sports team…but Andrew’s “team” is much smaller…and his goals are VERY BIG…HEALING! :)

TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations can be made specifically for Andrew’s life altering medical treatments … and your business can be PUBLICLY RECOGNIZED (free advertising!) for Andrew’s supporters to see! (Unless you wish to be anonymous).

Andrew is in 3rd grade and has cerebral palsy. He is a fighter…and he needs your help to win this fight! The treatments that are healing his brain and body in BIG ways are considered “alternative” by the insurance industry, so they are not covered. We need help to provide Andrew with his ongoing local treatments. We pay $900 per MONTH out of pocket for Andrew’s medical treatments on the salary of a public school teacher (who teaches at 3 local schools). These same treatments have changed Andrew’s world for the better in HUGE ways in prior years.

A local charity is accepting donations for Andrew’s medical care, which makes the donation TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Businesses will be included in a banner on Andrew’s community Facebook page (called Andrew’s Angels – Miracles In Motion & has over 11,500 followers, most of whom are local to the Phoenix area), our personal Facebook page and our family blog (https://prayforandrew.wordpress.com/our-story/). The Business Sponsor info and coordinating banner will be shared many times through the end of Andrew’s summer treatments — the end of August.

Please see the link below that lists all ways to help. The first listed are the tax deductible ways (online or via check). Please email kelwar@ymail.com if your business would like to be a “Business Partner for Andrew’s Healing”.

Of course, individuals, families and charities of any kind can also make a tax deductible donation and become a “partner for Andrew” as well! Please see link for all info if interested.

Link re: How To Help Andrew:  https://prayforandrew.wordpress.com/how-to-help/

PLEASE PRAY for Andrew’s healing and our significant financial needs connected to such. Thank you!
~ Kellie

A Andrew 4 years

Hi Friends! Here is my Throwback Thursday picture. I was only 4 years old here and I had only been on this “alternative” journey to wellness a few months when this picture was taken.
Wow! Has my life changed in HUGE ways since this picture was taken! Back then, I was around 50 lbs and still in diapers. My GI system was still very broken, making it impossible to potty train me.
At the risk of telling too much info, I want you to know what that means for me and people like me. I had to undergo glycerin enemas several times a week to get stuff out of me (and other yuckiness I won’t mention, but my bottom hurt all the time). Glycerin, because the body doesn’t absorb it so it does not impact / add chemicals to my overall system. My parents hated having to do it, but it was the only way to get out waste, as my body couldn’t do it on its own. Cerebral palsy affects muscles and the GI system working properly depends on the muscles in that area working properly to push things along. When that doesn’t happen, life can be rather miserable.
My gait when I walked and ran was like you see in the “hunchback” character, as my left arm (affected side) was held close to my body did not move naturally when I was in motion. I had been wearing a leg brace (afo) for nearly 2 years at this point.
My first adult stem cell transplant the summer following this picture HEALED my GI system. Truly HEALED it…within a very short time! I was successfully potty trained within a month! That was my parents’ biggest prayer when starting these innovative treatments…to get my GI system working properly and get me out of diapers. That was the biggest barrier at that point of me leading a “normal” life. We praise God that it happened!
The 2nd year of my adult stem cell transplant, my left arm started moving naturally when in motion…within a week of my procedure! It still moves in a different pattern (out to the side instead of front to back)…but it MOVES on its own when I am moving. BIG STUFF!
There have also been significant improvements in my physical strength, coordination and speech along the way with all the different types of alternative treatments that I get. My life has VASTLY IMPROVED since this picture was taken! We praise God for this healing and are so grateful to all of YOU who have donated in many wonderful ways in order for me to get these expensive treatments to help me HEAL! Thank you! <3
For anyone wanting to know more about the “menu” of treatments that have changed my world for the better in huge ways, please go to our family blog linked below. The page directly linked and the page tabbed at the top called “Educational Info” will be the most helpful to you. These same treatments that have changed my life can help others with various other brain related disorders as well: https://prayforandrew.wordpress.com/our-story/
When people join my journey at this point in my life (age 9 1/2) they have a picture of a completely different boy than I was back then. They have a hard time visualizing what my parents tell them my life used to be like because of my vast improvements. I am functionally a completely different person than I was five years ago.
So…when you get tired of reading all of my Momma’s (nearly endless) fundraiser posts, please remember this information. Fundraising is absolutely necessary in my journey to wellness as NONE of the treatments that have changed my life in huge ways are covered by insurance. She would love to not have to do it…but there is no other way for me to get these extremely expensive ongoing treatments on the salary of a hard working public school teacher…even one who works 3 teaching jobs on an ongoing basis like my Daddy does…without fundraising.
THANK YOU to all of you who participate and to all of you who STAY on this journey with us to encourage and pray for us…even when you are tired of hearing about whatever fundraisers are going on now. Trust me, we would love to NOT have to do them…but that is not the life situation we have been given. We appreciate your time in prayer and encouragement and your support in many forms.

The Lord’s Provision… and learning to surrender: Lessons from this journey that are on my heart…

It is a very humbling experience to need help to provide for your child’s medical needs on an ongoing basis. When, through not fault of your own, you have no choice but to ask for assistance if your child is going to continue to receive treatments that are helping him improve in remarkable ways.

This isn’t how we would want this to happen. We are much more comfortable being in the “helper” seat. That seat feels good. That seat comes naturally. Being in the “needs help” seat…especially on an ongoing basis… is TOUGH…but it provides a unique view.

It provides a front row seat to the human spirit … the good and the unfortunate. You learn very quickly who is really there for you…and who is not (no matter what you thought before you needed them). And you learn to be amazed at the beauty of God’s miracles…often orchestrated through complete strangers.

We would not have chosen this seat. This seat was chosen for us by life’s circumstances. Yet, we MUST learn to appreciate the view while we are here if we are going to learn and grow from it. And we do.

I am criticized by some because I can’t make it through an in depth conversation or a TV interview without crying about 2 topics…2 topics that always come up during these interviews and discussions about our son’s journey to wellness. I have been told that I should take some sort of public speaking class so that I learn not to cry during these times. But…I don’t think that would help. It would take much more than public speaking education. In essence, it would take a “heart transplant”.

The 2 topics that I am incapable of discussing for any length of time without being deeply touched (and therefore crying)…while on camera or off are: 1) Our son’s remarkable HEALING and improvements and 2) The people who have provided the means (finances) to make that happen. I am incapable of not crying because I am DEEPLY GRATEFUL for both.

We are very aware of the fact that our son WOULD NOT be where he is today without the prayers and treatments that have vastly changed his life for the better. And…that we had to learn to surrender on every level to allow for that to happen. Surrendering is very difficult work. Ultimately, we had to learn to surrender to God’s will at every step of the way, as His plan is always best. This journey has been a faith deepening one for sure.

When I share with you all the amazing blessings that are provided to us to help Andrew heal … it is not to brag in any human fashion. If anything, it is to brag on the Lord and say, “Thank you, Jesus, for doing this to help Andrew heal even further!” The Lord instilled in us grateful hearts…and this journey just makes them even more so.

So, the day that you hear me flippantly mention a blessing for our son in passing, as if it were expected or common …or more to the point…the day that you STOP hearing about these blessings from me … THAT is when I will need that “heart transplant” — not when I am proclaiming my gratitude through tears.

Many of you reading this have been “angels on earth” to us — used by God to provide these blessings and to spark these tears. THANK YOU for being here to pray for and support our son! We truly are extremely grateful.

My question for you all…No matter which “seat” your life circumstances currently has you placed in (helper or needs help)…How is your view? Are you grateful for it? Are you learning from it?

Thanks for hearing my heart.

~ Kellie

1 1 1 1 11 Andrew 2016 Business Sponsors

Here it is… the list of Andrew’s “Dream Team” — the Business Sponsors for Andrew’s HEALING moving forward in 2016!

Each of these businesses have stepped up to make tax deductible donations in various amounts via the Cerebral Palsy Hope Foundation in order to ensure that Andrew gets innovative medical treatments (that are not covered by insurance) this summer and beyond to further heal his brain and body from the effects of cerebral palsy! WOW! What an incredible blessing! 

Please take a moment to read through these businesses and what they have to offer. PLEASE REMEMBER THEM when your needs fit what they offer. Please help us spread the word throughout the community about these local businesses who saw a legitimate need of a young community member (a stranger to most of them) and said, “Yes! I will help Andrew heal!”

If willing, please take a moment to reach out to these businesses to let them know you appreciate their support for Andrew!

To any other Business Owners reading this, there is STILL TIME to become a “Business Sponsor for Andrew’s Healing” in a tax deductible way! Please click on the link below and then click on the “How To Help” tab at the top right of the page for more info, or just contact me (Andrew’s mother) via our Family Blog: https://prayforandrew.wordpress.com/our-story/

The Business Sponsors for Andrew’s Healing are:

~ Precision Air and Heating​ ~ For all of your Air Conditioning & Heating needs: http://stage.precisionairandheating.com/

~ Anantuni Family Dental​ ~ For all of your family dental needs: http://mydentistchandler.com/

~ Arizona Painting Company​ ~ For all of your residential and commercial painting needs in the Phoenix and Tucson areas: http://arizonapaintingcompany.com/

~ Fractured Prune AZ​ ~ For the BEST doughnuts ever for your personal or catering needs with locations throughout AZ: http://fracturedprune.com/location/chandler-az/

~ Paul A Flores Farmers Insurance Agent​ ~ For all your personal and family insurance needs: https://www.farmersagent.com/pflores/

~ McCurdy Construction LLC​ ~ For all your construction and remodeling needs: http://mccurdyremodel.com/

~ Athletes In Training​ ~ Wonderful recreational sports programs for children: https://athletesintraining.com

~ Phoenix Marketing Associates​ ~ For all your Marketing and Public Relations Needs: http://www.phoenixmarketingassociates.com/

~ Plexus with Lori Britt​ ~ Health and wellness products for a better life: http://shopmyplexus.com/LSBritt/

~ Vertuccio Farms​ ~ Family fun on the farm! Birthday parties, field trips, U pick events and special events. Fun for the whole family! http://vertucciofarms.com/


Thank you to ALL of these amazing Business Sponsors! We are deeply grateful for your investment in Andrew’s further healing! When you see Andrew continuing to improve, please know that YOU had a vital role in that! 

With Much Gratitude,
the Burkhart Family

A Andrew Tax Deductible

Today is “Arizona Gives Day” — a day when we are all encouraged to make a donation to a charitable cause close to our heart. I thought it to be a good day to remind everyone about a small local non-profit organization that is making a BIG difference in our son’s life … the Cerebral Palsy Hope Foundation.

The CP Hope Foundation has changed Andrew’s world by accepting donations for Andrew’s life altering medical treatments that are not covered by insurance. By them doing so, it allows any person, family, charity or business to donate for Andrew’s medical treatments. If they did not do this, it is very unlikely that any of these amazing business sponsors would have come on board. We are deeply grateful!

Another thing you need to know…when you donate for Andrew’s medical treatments via the link that CP Hope set up specifically for Andrew’s care, we get 90% of the donation. The other 10% goes to the foundation and they assist other well deserving children who have cerebral palsy in our local community. It is a Win-Win in every way!

THANK YOU, Cerebral Palsy Hope Foundation Friends for investing your time in helping Andrew heal!

Please see more info below. Thank you!



Hi Friends! Super Andrew here! One of the biggest blessings of 2015 for us is that a wonderful local charity, called the Cerebral Palsy Hope Foundation, has agreed to accept donations for my medical treatments. What this means is that any person, family, charity or business can donate toward my life-altering medical treatments in a TAX DEDUCTIBLE way for the donors!

You get a tax write off, I get further HEALING of my brain and body from the effects of cerebral palsy! A win-win for sure! :)

ALL of the treatments that are WORKING to bring me the very significant progress that I have seen are out of pocket costs for us, as the insurance industry deems them “alternative” and will not pay for ANYTHING! My family pays an average of $900 EVERY MONTH for my local treatments and up to $20,000 each summer for my intensive treatments out of state. We are doing this on the salary of an AZ Public School Teacher. We have been doing this for over 5 years and WE NEED HELP for my treatments to continue!

Here is a link where you can read more about my medical journey and how these treatments have changed my world for the better in HUGE ways if interested:


To find out how to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation to HELP ME HEAL even more, please go to the link below.  It is to the “How To Help” page of this blog.  There are ways to donate online and also via check/mail…all in a tax deductible way!

How To Help:


THANK YOU to all of you who have come alongside of us in this journey of healing for my brain and body! Your prayers, encouragement and support are so needed and so APPRECIATED! 

 Please contact my Momma if you have any questions. Thank you!




A  123 TriM

This past week some amazingly talented students at Hamilton High School used their time, talents and big hearts to put on a Benefit Concert in order to raise money for Andrew’s medical treatments.  Sit in that thought for a moment… approximately 50 high school students spent their free time — their Spring Break — preparing for this concert and the performances within for our son!  Wow! So selfless!

And…all we had to do for this fundraiser is SHOW UP! As the “family fundraiser”, that means more to me than most.  :)

These students put on a wonderful collection of 14 performances and each one was wonderful and so appreciated! The MC was a joy and worked hard to entertain the audience between performances.  

A 123 TriM2

Andrew wanted to get on stage on “play” with them!  They were very gracious and let him bring his guitar on stage for the final piece to join them in their finale.  He was nervous, so “Ms. Grace”, the amazing young woman who organized this whole event, stood by his side the entire time.  Thank you, Grace! :) 

A 123 TriM3

It should be noted that Andrew does not actually know how to play the guitar, he just likes to strum.  Yet they included him anyway and made him feel so special! 

THANK YOU to everyone who was connected to this wonderful concert and who came and donated money for Andrew.  We LOVED EVERY PERFORMANCE! It was a very special night that we will always remember! We so appreciate these gifts of time, talent and donations for our son! 

Because of your efforts with this concert, a total of $1260 was raised for Andrew’s medical treatments! ($900 that night and the rest through an additional donation that came in because of the concert). Wow! What an incredible blessing! We are deeply grateful!

Much Love and Gratitude,
the Burkhart Family


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