Well I did it, Friends! My first official try out/ practice playing the piano at my school for the school “Variety Show”. I was nervous and I messed up a couple of times, but Momma said that I did great! The lady running it told my Momma that she was so impressed with me and that she couldn’t believe that I memorized the songs!

I performed a song for an adult Sunday School class at church this week too!

Now I just need to work on calming my nerves and my confidence while I am performing.

By the way…nobody watching me would every know that I did not used to use or recognize my left arm / hand/ fingers due to having torticollis of the neck pretty significantly when I was born. If they only knew how many hours, days and years of extra efforts went into this simple piano performance, they would be amazed! Instead, I just look like any other 4th grade boy playing piano. Thank you, Jesus! :) Take that, cerebral palsy!! One more WIN for me!

Big THANKS to my Daddy for teaching me piano! That “Teacher Man” never stops teaching in life! I am so grateful for him!



P.S. Momma says sorry for the blurry picture. She was trying to sneak it in without me noticing so that I did not get more nervous.


*** IPAD MINI 2 RAFFLE to help Child HEAL (son of a local teacher)! ~ Can participate from ANYWHERE! ***


Hi Friends! It’s January, so that means it is RAFFLE TIME! We are raffling off a brand NEW (sealed) Ipad Mini 2, the larger 32 GB storage size with Wifi !


All money raised will go directly toward my very expensive, ongoing and out of pocket medical treatments to further heal my brain and body from the effects of cerebral palsy. Everything that is helping me heal in HUGE ways is considered “alternative” by the insurance industry, so my parents have to pay out of pocket for it all. 


Anyone interested, can read more about my journey to wellness here:



Tickets will be sold in person and via email.  Payment can be made in person, via mail or via Paypal.


Tickets are: $10 each, 3 for $25, or 15 for $100.


The drawing will be done on Sat. Jan. 28th in the evening at the Rock and Roll Car and Bike Show at McDonald’s in Scottsdale Pavilions (Pavilions Car Show).  You DO NOT have to be present to win!


If winner is local, we will hand deliver the prize in person.  If not local to the Phoenix area, we will ship the prize with proper tracking and insurance to wherever winner requests.


Please message my Momma (Kellie) via Facebook or email at kelwar@ymail.com if interested in purchasing tickets.


Please SHARE to help us SPREAD THE WORD! Thank you!





P.S. There are other ways to help me heal and one of them is TAX DEDUCTIBLE for the donors! Please go to the blog link below and then click on the “How To Help” tab at the top right to read more info. Please contact my Momma if interested in making a donation for my medical treatments in one of these other ways as well. Thank you! 

Blog link: https://prayforandrew.wordpress.com/our-story/


Hi Friends! As 2016 is about to end, many people are looking for ways to make an impact with their tax deductible donations. I wanted to remind everyone that there is a way to HELP ME HEAL with a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation as well…and my parents would greatly appreciate the gift for my continued medical treatments.

ALL of my treatments are out of pocket costs for my parents. For over 6 years, they have paid an average of $900 per month for my monthly local treatments and up to $20,000 each summer for me to receive intensive treatments out of state. They are doing this on the sole salary of my public school teacher Daddy, as my time consuming therapy and doctor schedule each week requires that my Mom be there for me (not able to work). While my Daddy works 3 teaching jobs year after year (1 full time and 2 part time), it is not enough to cover my expensive and ongoing medical treatments. That is where you can come in…with a tax deductible donation.

Our amazing friends at the Cerebral Palsy Hope Foundation accept donations for my medical treatments…which makes the donations TAX DEDUCTIBLE! This is such a blessing! There are ways to donate both via mail and online. Please go to our family’s blog linked below — and then click on the “How To Help” page at the top right. You can also contact my Momma directly at kelwar@ymail.com for more info.

Here is the blog link: https://prayforandrew.wordpress.com/our-story/

ALL money that my family receives for my medical treatments goes directly toward my medical treatments…ALWAYS!

Any businesses that donate in this manner can be considered “Business Sponsors” for my healing and will be given advertising related to such. My Momma (Kellie) can answer your questions about this for any business owners interested in this.

Please consider SHARING this post to help us SPREAD THE WORD for my medical needs. You just never know who the Lord might move to help me continue to heal!

Your prayers for my continued healing and our financial needs connected to such are greatly appreciated!

We are praying for your health and happiness in 2017 as well!





Hi Friends! See this guy right here? His name is Mr. Joe and he is a HUGE blessing in my life! I met him in May when I was blessed with a special new room in my house thanks to an AMAZING former student of my Dad’s (who wants to be anonymous) who used his once in a lifetime Make-A-Wish wish to BLESS ME, instead of himself (just WOW!).
Mr. Joe is a firefighter in my town. Make-A-Wish contacted the Gilbert Fire and Rescue Dept. to ask for their help in putting together all the furniture for my new room and delivering it. So many of the staff and their families volunteered time to do this! It was so inspiring! Mr. Joe, however, has been the one leading all the efforts.
I had to leave for my summer medical treatment trip right after that…and then had to be sequestered from the public for 6 weeks afterwards to keep me healthy. Then school started…Daddy went back to working his 3 jobs…I went back to the schedule of doctor and therapy appointments many times a week…etc etc. So, the room is not quite finished yet.
It will be very soon though because Daddy and Mr. Joe are going to paint it for me. Once painted, we can hang up all the decorations to finish the room. To top this off, we just found out that Mr. Joe found a way for the paint and supplies to be paid for, so my parents don’t have to pay for that. We are so grateful!
He will be spending even more time on his days off to meet Momma at the paint store to get the supplies…and to paint my room with Daddy. He also made sure that I was blessed by the school supply drive that the Fire Department held at the beginning of the school year as well.
So…I just wanted to show you all what a hero looks like…and here he is! Mr. Joe is a HERO in his day job…and in LIFE! I am so blessed to have him in MY life! <3
Thank you, Mr. Joe! I am so grateful for your fingerprints on my life!


*** SHOUT OUT to 12 Local Businesses ***

Before I take this Business Sponsor Banner down from our Facebook pages, I wanted to share it one last time. (We are seeking new Business Sponsors for Andrew’s ongoing treatments, so we will be creating a new banner). PLEASE READ, especially Phoenix Area Friends! All of the AMAZINGLY GENEROUS businesses listed below stepped up to be Business Sponsors for Andrew’s healing for his summer treatments (and beyond for some of them). They saw the need of a local boy and family — many of them strangers to us — and said, “I will help you!” Incredible!

By making a Tax Deductible Donation via the awesome charity that helps us and makes this important fundraising venue possible, the Cerebral Palsy Hope Foundation, these business owners joined Andrew’s “Team for Healing”! We are extremely grateful for the investment they have made in our son’s life!

Please see the info below and read through the listing of the businesses. When what they have to offer fits your needs, we would love it if you would consider these businesses first…as a thank you for how they have helped our son in very significant ways! They represent many different types of services that most of us use at different times.

THANK YOU for taking the time to read through their information and for remembering them and supporting their businesses whenever you are able!

The Business Sponsors for Andrew’s Healing the Summer of 2016 were: :

Precision Air and Heating ~ For all of your Air Conditioning & Heating needshttp://stage.precisionairandheating.com/

Anantuni Family Dental ~ For all of your family dental needshttp://mydentistchandler.com/

Arizona Painting Company ~ For all of your residential and commercial painting needs in the Phoenix and Tucson areashttp://arizonapaintingcompany.com/

Fractured Prune AZ ~ For the BEST doughnuts ever for your personal or catering needs with locations throughout AZhttp://fracturedprune.com/location/chandler-az/

Paul A Flores Farmers Insurance Agent ~ For all your personal and family insurance needshttps://www.farmersagent.com/pflores/

McCurdy Construction LLC ~ For all your construction and remodeling needs: http://mccurdyremodel.com/

Athletes In Training ~ Wonderful recreational sports programs for childrenhttps://athletesintraining.com/

Phoenix Marketing Associates ~ For all your Marketing and Public Relations Needshttp://www.phoenixmarketingassociates.com/

Plexus with Lori Britt ~ Health and wellness products for a better life: http://shopmyplexus.com/LSBritt/

Vertuccio Farms ~ Family fun on the farm! Birthday parties, field trips, U pick events and special events. Fun for the whole familyhttp://vertucciofarms.com/

Canfield Engineering & Integration, LLC ~ Electrical engineering and integration based solutions team  

 Insight Eyecare & Eyewear ~ For all your eyecare and eyewear needs  

Thank you to ALL of these amazing Business Sponsors! We are deeply grateful for your investment in Andrew’s further healing! When you see Andrew continuing to improve, please know that YOU had a vital role in that!  

With Much Gratitude, 
the Burkhart Family 




** Phoenix Area Friends ~ You can SAVE MONEY & HELP the son of a Chandler Teacher get medical treatments with your ticket purchases to Lights of the World **

Hi Friends! Little Andrew here! My new friends at Lights of the World have an AMAZING festival in town! There are acres of awesome light displays, acrobats, a carnival, dinosaurs and more! It runs now thru Jan. 29th and is in Chandler at Wild Horse Pass. I have a way to SAVE YOU MONEY…that also brings further HEALING to me!

If you go online to buy your tickets and use the code 444 in the Promo Code box at checkout, YOU will SAVE  $1 on EVERY ticket you buy! Also, when you use that code, Lights of the World will be donating $2 per ticket for every ticket purchased with this code toward my expensive and ongoing medical treatments! We are so grateful!

A win-win! You save money and you help me get further healing with in my brain and body! ALL of the medical treatments that are helping me heal are very expensive, ongoing, out of pocket costs for my parents – on the sole salary of a public school teacher – so your help in this way would be such a blessing to my family. 

Here is the link to the website where you can buy tickets: https://lightsoftheworldus.com/

Go to the “Buy Tickets” section and on your final checkout page, before you pay, put 444 in the Promo Code section. It will show your discount and then you pay.

Want to see what it is all about? Check out this link:

I would LOVE your help in SPREADING THE WORD! PLEASE SHARE this info to let others know! Thank you!

~ Andrew and family :)

P.S. Anyone interested in reading more about my journey to wellness, can do so here: https://prayforandrew.wordpress.com/our-story/


Hi Friends! Super Andrew here. Today is #GivingTuesday in our country, a day set aside for people to donate to causes that are important to them. I know there are MANY causes out there pulling at your heart…and mine too. But in case my continued healing in my brain and body is one of them for you, I wanted to remind everyone that there is a TAX DEDUCTIBLE way to donate directly toward my life altering medical treatments!

ALL of the treatments that are helping me heal in significant ways are out of pocket costs for our family, on the sole salary of a public school teacher. Our friends at the Cerebral Palsy Hope Foundation have provided a way on an ongoing basis for people and organizations to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation to their foundation, specifically for my medical care! You get a tax write off — I get HEALING — a win/win!

You can make a one time donation on the site, or set it up to make a monthly tax deductible donation. Any businesses donating can be considered a “Business Sponsor” for my healing and get free advertising as well!

Please go to my Momma’s blog for more info (or message her at kelwar@ymail.com). Once on the blog page linked, please read thru all the ways to help. One of them is TAX DEDUCTIBLE for the donors!

Here is the blog link re: ways to help: https://prayforandrew.wordpress.com/how-to-help/

Another way to give every day takes your time — not your money. Please continue to PRAY for my continued healing in every way and for our financial struggles due to my medical treatments being all out of pocket costs.

Thank you! Whomever you decide to help today and beyond, thanks for your giving heart! 


Super Andrew :)